Changes in the iBT Reading Section

The number of passages on the Reading section has changed. Two formats for the Reading section are offered. On the short format, you will still read three passages. On the long format, you will read four passages, instead of five. The navigation of the Reading section has also changed. The section will no longer be divided into parts, which means that you will be able to return to previous questions for all of the passages. For example, if you are answering questions for the last reading passage, you will now be able to return to questions on the first reading passage.

New Payment Methods Online

When you select a credit card as your method to pay for your TOEFL registration online, you may now be able to pay in local currencies instead of U.S. dollars. The credit card types and the list of accepted currencies are shown on the TOEFL registration site at

Phase Out of PBT (Paper-Based TOEFL)

The PBT is no longer available as an official alternative for the iBT. Although a paper version of the TOEFL is still available for institutional purposes, called the ITP (Institutional TOEFL Program), the ITP can be used for placement and admission only within the institution where the test is administered. Scores for the ITP cannot be used as official TOEFL scores for other institutions.

Additional Dialects

The audio for the Listening section will now include some voices with Australian and British dialects. Most of the voices will be standard American dialects.